It's been a while

Monday, March 29, 2010

I know I really need to update my blog. It's been too long. Sometimes life gets in the way. Spent a long weekend in Ormond Beach at a baseball tournament. Thanks to the emergence of Facebook, when updating my status, a former High School classmate who lives there said he'd stop to visit. He graduated two years before me, so technically it's been over 20 years since we last saw one another in Germany.  Well, we did actually see each other at a reunion in DC in '93 but we were still in a pre-adult haze. It was great to see Mike and amazing to hear his life story. Here's a photo that my daughter snapped of us...and by the way, we remained seated as he's 6'5" and I'm 4'10" and I don't think that Kelsey would've been able to get both of us in frame had we been standing!
One more thing, Kolby's baseball team won the tournament.  They were the number 1 seed and with the bad weather that came in, they weren't able to play the championship game but they had already earned and deserved the title. Great job Storm!!

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