Love is...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

this family!!! I LOVED spending the afternoon with the W family. They just oozed love for one another. Their son is so full of spirit and just a FUN boy eager to tell me about his school adventures, hit the beach and throw the football. One thing we DEFINITELY have in common is that we can both TALK up a storm! I had a great time with them and just wanted to get a quick sneak peek to them...more coming soon!


Beach Sneak Peek...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Before I head off to the only NFL game of the year I'll probably actually attend (okay, I bailed on probably the biggest Jag win of the season vs. the Colts), thought I'd share this quick sneak peek of a beach shoot I did last week...Love this family! And, thanks to them, my son has a place to stay while we go out to play tonight!


My first extended family photoshoot

Friday, October 8, 2010

This great family was referred by a customer for whom I shoot action photos. Mrs. B called about my taking photos of her family for her Grandfather's birthday party.  After a full day of shooting football, I rushed to her Mother's home to capture the memory of this special gathering.
I had such an awesome time with this family! The opportunity to join them in this beautiful property on the River, brought excitement about the potential for waterside shooting locations. Unfortunately, it was pretty windy on the river so we took to shooting in their beautiful home and in the spacious and gorgeous front yard. Grabbing every bit of light I could, I made my greatest efforts to memorialize this moment for Mrs. B and her family. 
I had so much fun with them! And kudos to those especially well-mannered and ultra-patient children! I can't thank them, nor their parents enough for the opportunity to capture this special moment.

And great thanks to Loribeth for the referral! I know you're anxious to see your daughter's photos here and those are coming soon! I PROMISE!

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