3rd time's a charm!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I have had regular sessions with this family since they came to me a year ago (literally 1 year to the day ago!!!) on a referral. I have watched their son grow over the past year and learned so much about his personality. The first 2 times we met, he started out very apprehensive about this lady with a camera. After visiting their home and seeing him in his environment, I knew that I was going to grab that happy energy in our next session. Luckily, they called me again and I couldn't be more thrilled about bringing this soccer ball (or is it a volleyball?) to start our meeting. He immediately warmed up to me and I got to see that energetic boy full of life and wonderment in all it's true glory---and I don't think he thought I was that scary lady with the camera this time...And as you can see---he OWNED that ball!


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