3e/Jacksonville Meetup/Boudoir Shooting

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's been a whirlwind lately.
It started with a Friday Night shoot with Andy of I met him and Mikey, the faces behind the site, last year at a workshop. First time I'd ever learned Off-Camera-Flash and how to shoot in Manual Mode. He ended up blogging about the lens he was using while photographing my son. You can view that blog post here.
And here's a photo I made of Kolby using my Westcott 28" Apollo Softbox and processed in LightRoom using and on One Software's free preset. FREE! Now, I'm saving up for their Perfect Portrait Suite! 
The following Saturday I participated in a Jacksonville Photography Meetup at the new Studio 3e owned by my friends Michael Chiapputo and Fran Ruchalski (Both are photographers whom I met last year with space is HUGE! It's 5,000 square feet with, like 10 different sets and a dressing room and kitchen and and and...It's amazing. I saw it transformed from a shell to a Photographer's Playground. If you need to shoot, this place has endless opportunities!
Michael and many other organizers and assistants and models and make-up artists came together to provide a great day of boudoir shooting. Now, I may not necessarily be a boudoir shooter but am I someone who strives to learn more about lighting and photography? Yes! This was a great opportunity to keep practicing. Since I met Michael last year, he's been nothing but generous with his knowledge and even some equipment. As well as the local organizer for Help Portrait, a photography event started by Jeremy Cowart. More about Jeremy later!

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