Photoshop World, Should I Stay (Home) or Should I Go?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The front grille of my car...sadlly.

It all started with something similar to this...a free pass to the Photoshop Expo Floor. Asked around to a few of my local friends about going and mentioned it to my friend Kathy in Tampa who's the President of the Tampa Strobist and Photoshop Collective Meetup Group.  She immediately says that I must go to the NAPP TweetUp Party planned for the night before the official Conference began. As I'm mulling over this decision, she's on the phone with  Erik Valind telling him I'm considering going. I met Erik almost a year ago at a workshop he and Michael Thompson of did together in Tampa (the same time I met Kathy).  They were both awarded Westcott Top Pro honors for their photographs using lighting modifiers made by Westcott.  Back to the story, Kathy calls me and says that Erik is DMing the details to me via twitter. Sure enough, he's really excited about the event which he's shooting and had some great plans and that I really should go. This party is a free event. Why not go? I'll see some old friends, potentially meet some new ones...potentially find someone willing to give me a coveted pass into the "World's Largest Digital Photography and Lighting Conference". Yeah right.
So, I pack my bags and hit the road. Knowing I'm staying for one night and HOPING I get to stay for the week. Luckily I'm within driving distance so, why not?
So, why the photo of the front of my car? Well, I'm known to be a wreck magnet. Something ALWAYS happens to my car when I'm on the road. Well, go figure, someone in front of me hit some shredded tire debris, which slammed into the front of my car and apparently dislodging parts of my car. Bummer.
Hmmm....I hope this party is worth it!

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