"But I get MORE photos for $35.00..

Friday, February 5, 2010

from the kids' school picture package". I know. I've done the research and I've seen the school packages offered.  Sure you get more photos of one pose for less money, but does that photo really reflect your child's personality? Is that photographer personally and professionally invested in capturing this moment in time and focusing on the features that make your child both unique and beautiful? I had this conversation with a friend last night when I was talking to her about my growing business. She said "We always order the school packages because every year we pop the new photo in front of the old photo and they're all there in the frame. We get a kick out of looking back through the years and seeing how much the kids have grown."  Well, I understand that. So I ask: If you want to see what they look like throughout the years, why not infuse that photo with personality-something that says "This is me, today"? So I gave her an example: Her oldest daughter is a thespian. I asked how cool it would be if she had the playbook in her hand as she studies her lines or if she was photographed on a set? Now that would not only be a portrait of 'what she looks like' today, but also reflects WHO she is today.
Custom photographers are not interested in just 'taking a picture'. We want to get to know you and your personality and your photographic needs, bundle them up together, create a piece of art, add a bow and present the custom photo that truly says "this is me". We are personally committed to each client and their needs and providing QUALITY portraits.
So, when you're thinking of photographs and shocked about the cost of custom photography, I urge you to think of this as more than a picture. The time we make to educate, train, practice and grow to become a photographer with our unique style, apply our knowledge behind the camera, and commit to getting to know you so it is truly captured on camera is what we like to call your INVESTMENT.


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