Every day is a learning experience...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It seems that on this new journey, I am learning something new every day. I don't quite know HOW this makes me feel---ignorant? overwhelmed? excited?  There is so much to grasp in this world of being a business owner---sales, marketing, my trade, the vast and crazy world of the internet with blogs and twitter, e-commerce, websites...And then today, that I really DO have something to offer others, despite my lack of  knowledge of the business world. Today, I taught a fellow photgrapher how to work some magic with her images.  To share my knowledge with someone else...it's a great feeling.
There are so many places that I seek to enhance myself in this business of photography. I just like to take pictures. I just do. I want perfect, sharp, artistic and unique photos every single time I process them.  Each day I strive to become better at my trade so that I can give you a cherished moment.  I listen to the advice and knowledge of my fellow photographers and continue to grow as a photographer.
The internet is both my bain and my brawn.  It opens a world of knowledge to me and also exposes that I have so much more to learn.
I urge you to take a moment...think of something you've "wondered about"... stick it in a search engine and learn about it. Stay excited about it.
I can tell you that, every day that I learn something, I also find that there is more to be discovered! This, I hope, will help me continue to give you the photos you are seeking and enhance my creative ability.


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