Precious Family Moments...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

are sometimes difficult to capture on film.  Here's an example of a moment I caught this weekend at the baseball field. It was random and luck that I was able to get this photo on a day when the park was packed with people. One of my friends was standing there with her adorable daughter, bundled from the cold while watching 1 of her sons playing baseball.  Behind her are the Grandparents who also braved the elements to take time to watch their Grandsons' opening day on the field. It's a moment that I was lucky enough to freeze in time.
~Take a moment and think of the last time you got some great, natural photos that reflected your lifestyle and personalities.  Do you even have a photo like this?  If not, I'd love the opportunity to provide you with some that will reflect the unique traits and personalities that make each of us beautiful! Take a look at my website gallery for examples of other portraits I have taken, then be sure to make your appointment to capture that precious moment!

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